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DEHP becomes the new food safety events leading

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DEHP becomes the new food safety events leading

The adjacent benzene two formic acid and two ( 2- ethyl ) hexyl ester (i.e. plasticizer DEHP ), chemical name this mouthful, become the food safety events leading to new.

For industrial purposes, DEHP is one of the most important plasticizer, is widely used in medical blood bag and the hose, insect repellent, fragrance, cosmetics products, lubricants, lubricating oil and detergent hundreds of products in the production.

And the Taiwan area of Yushen spice Co. Ltd. is the plasticizer incorporation of emulsifiers, sold as food additive. Technical staff of a domestic food emulsifier enterprises although unable to reporters know the difference between plasticizer and emulsifier, but he asked: " that is added to plastics in food stuff, how can have? "

From the toxicology of phthalic acid esters, two including DEHP (PAEs ) is a kind of environmental hormone, may the reproductive system, immune system, digestive system on the human body harm, such as damage to the male reproductive ability, to promote women's sexual precocity, may cause children's gender, a large number of long-term intake may also lead to liver cancer.

But the researchers were found, the ground water and air PAEs already infiltrated Beijing, part of the serious pollution of water body. This is just the result of a measurement of Beijing city.

Beijing water has been contaminated with PAEs

In June 1st, Ministry of health and 17 PAEs listed may be used for food non-food substances " black list ". The staff of Shanghai Intertek Testing Services Ltd., told reporters, the agency has received a number of beverage companies self-test samples, but the inspection requirements of enterprises will be testing program focuses on 7 kinds of substance PAEs, but not all be included in the "black list".

The staff of Shanghai Intertek Testing Services Ltd., told reporters, does not rule out the plastic container in the PAEs into water, but " PAEs infiltration and deliberately as food additive should have great difference ".

Beijing City Center for Disease Control and prevention Deng Ying introduction, according to statistics, in 2007, PAEs is the world's annual output of more than 2000000 tons, of which China 's annual production exceeded 1000000 tons.

The researchers told reporters, according to the existing data, the nature of PAEs in worldwide distribution is roughly balanced, there is no great difference between developing and developed countries.

In 2010 June, Beijing University of Technology College of environmental and energy engineering, Zhong Yi Sheng, Chen Sha, published their results, they sampled 11 park lake water in Beijing City, " the results showed that PAEs is generally high, Beijing park water seriously polluted by PAEs ".

The main pollutants were detected for DEHP and dibutyl phthalate (DBP ).

China's " environmental quality standard for surface water " provisions, 8 μ g/L DEHP limit value of drinking water water table, the DBP was 3 μ g/L, surface water in accordance with the implementation of this standard.

The investigation results showed Zhong Yisheng et al, Chaoyang Park, Yuyuantan Park, lotus pond park, the red scarf Park Lake DBP exceed the standard 2 times, Yao wa Lake Park and the Summer Palace, exceed the standard 3 times. Man made lake and the Summer Palace DEHP exceed the standard 2 times, Yao wa Lake Park, exceed the standard 3 times.

The findings are published in the 2010 June " China Environmental Monitoring " magazine, the PAEs exceed the standard, the author thinks that, since 2004, Beijing city lake water from Miyun reservoir to Guanting reservoir and Guanting reservoir, the pollution is serious, has not up to the standard of drinking water, and then after sewage pollution along the way, arrived the urban lake water is the basic class V or bad V category water park, and generally a year for the water once, poor liquidity, plus visitors discarded food packing box, plastic bags, drink bottles, resulting in Beijing Park of PAEs pollution serious phenomenon.

According to public information, as early as in 1982, scholars have conducted PAEs determination in atmosphere of Beijing City, some lakes and reservoirs, the results shows "Beijing city's air and water have been polluted by PAEs. The concentration of APEs in surface water of Beijing city is 10 times higher than the concentrations of other national ground water by PAEs ".

According to the literature, this study is generally introduced the water samples collected from urban and suburban areas of Beijing city park water, drinking water, reservoir water, plasticizer production wastewater, 18 sites.

Shaanxi Province Environmental Monitoring Center Station Analysis Engineer Testing Center Ma Wenpeng introduced, most of the PAEs in water environment is relatively stable, the degradation is a very long process. Half the hydrolysis of DBP more than 20 years, while DEHP is more than 2000.

Investigation found that it also caused Zhong Yisheng et al, PAEs content in the sediment of Lake Beijing park is much larger than the content in water.

Contaminated water is far more than the relatively static Park lake. Existing research results show, the Three Gorges Reservoir area the highest DEHP concentration reached 5.421μ g/L. The Yellow River part of the high concentration of DEHP was 109.93μ g/L, beyond China's " environmental quality standard for surface water " 13 times.

The ubiquitous PAEs

Compared to water, natural soil is important carrier to accept pollutant. Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention, a researcher told the reporters, the plastic film DEHP has free sex is very strong, can from the plastic exudation into the environment, with the wide use of agricultural plastic film, plastic film has become one of the main sources of DEHP in soil.

A study of 23 Chinese city soil sampling test report, DEHP detection rate was 100%, the content is in the range of 0.20-7.11 mg/kg. But the content of PAEs in soils of North China than in the south, the use and agricultural mulch film correlated.

Wang Renren Tianjin Chemical Industry Design Institute, PAEs is the introduction of the last century 20's, soon replaced was used as a plasticizer and smells great, easy to play the camphor. There is increasing the main plasticizer plasticizer, accounted for 80% of the total output of.

In cosmetics, nail polish, the highest content of PAEs, aromatic components in many cosmetics also contain the substance.

The main effect of PAEs in cosmetics is: make the nail polish can reduce its brittleness and avoid fragmentation; make hair gel forms a flexible in the hair surface membrane and prevent hair stiff; used on the skin, increase the skin's suppleness, add detergent on the skin permeability.

Wang Renren introduces, at present our country on the content of the products in cosmetics are not clearly defined, ordinary consumers to see product label from the quantity of the substance.

According to Caixin, associate professor Liu Chunhong of South China Agricultural University College of food and his colleagues recently in a paper published in " food science " magazine said, selling instant noodles and instant rice noodle there are different degrees of DBP and DEHP pollution.

In an open study, Wang Ren reminded, it is best not to use plastic containers to bubble instant noodles.

PAEs pollution probably also relates to the medical field. A chemical industry personnel tell reporter, used in ICU medical equipment widely used with DEHP as additives for plastics.

However, associate professor Shi Jianghong of the Beijing Normal University School of environment told reporters, DEHP is a kind of dozens of environmental hormone, " human and animal body does discharged into nature hormone, so there is no need to exaggerate the adverse effects of environmental hormone in nature ".

But Shi Jianghong also stressed that, at present, our country only to environmental hormone in some sewage treatment plant, a few rivers content carried out limited work, but on the rivers, lakes, especially the present situation and evaluation are not in the water in full swing.

In the official data, the reporter only refer to the PAEs description of dangerous goods the archives of Jiangsu Province Environmental Monitoring Center of sudden pollution accident: in phthalic acid esters (PAEs ) plasticizer production workers, can have multiple neuritis, large dose can cause anesthetic effect, ingestion may cause gastrointestinal irritation, inhibition, paralysis of the central nervous system, blood pressure lowering.

The researchers said, some research results show, PAEs may impact the reproductive system development of children, the main reason for the poor children may be the new supersedes the old.

Shi Jianghong reminds, pay attention to the details of life, " used to hold food plastic lunch box is not conducive to health ". Have expert advice, do not use PVC ( containing PAEs ) plastic container in the microwave heating of food, the correct approach is to put the food into the heating heat resistant glass or ceramic ware.

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