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Tianrui with excellent traditional " family culture " to build the enterprise culture

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Tianrui with excellent traditional " family culture " to build the enterprise culture

The enterprise culture, in fact is the people's culture.

First, the enterprise culture is the source of the human, also is to have talent some people thought, there is communication between people, so that we can share things will settle down, forming a common with the idea.

Secondly, the role of enterprise culture, is the culture of people, is to encourage the people with good cultural atmosphere, cultivating a person with excellent enterprise spirit, improve the people with the habit of thinking and behavior of noble.

Finally, with the excellent traditional "family culture " to build the enterprise culture, enterprise culture is the culture, business enterprise is the key to business products, business good product, should be good business employees. Only good people can make good products, we believe a word, product is the character, in many of the character convergence becomes a business character, it is a tradition of our ancient Confucianism.

Company culture: Ren Zhi ceremony of the kernel and the letter

The Oriental " family culture " in six aspects, enterprise is the cell of society, have the ability to stand in the world. To be responsible to society, to operate the small home to make contributions to society, there are many excellent small home can form you, also is the social.

We speak German, is our Oriental home culture " de " is the first core viewpoint.

The kernel provides the opportunity for personal development, no suitable talent only not suitable work. Cultivate good team so that everyone can find the feeling of home. In the western management idea, emphasizes the normative work. From the thoughts of Oriental management point of view, this point is not enough, must pay attention to people's subjective initiative, improve work, work in the improvement of.

Intelligent kind of incentive system, the sage and the company grow together.

Li is a good working atmosphere. Human society has decided person's absolute demand level, when the human survival needs to solve, people are living more demanding, realizes own value demand, the decision of the people the purpose of the work, not only for the money, the interpersonal relationship also want to have a good working environment, harmonious and its value, and realized.

Learn to create learning organizations. Learning is the foundation to maintain personal and organizational vitality, enterprises should have core values, and cultivate the core values of the need to develop continuously. Will learn the knowledge application, continuous improvement, the formation of professional, systematic.

The letter is good communication system. The letter is the fundamental philosophy of life, is the letter industry road, good communication system is the requirement of modern enterprise indispensable, not only to the efficient functioning of the full communication and credit, principle can maintain communication system.

Hierarchical relationship and harmonious. The harmony, the culture of mining the potential of the company, as part of the company culture, like parents continue to develop their own children, relationship between enterprise and government relations, business and public relations, enterprise and society, are in and as the core, realize common development.

In the Chinese enterprises in the competition, cultural competition once really rose to strategic level, will burst of vitality and boundless vitality. " Family culture " is the Chinese enterprises especially the Chinese type management wisdom family enterprise required, has important significance in today. Private enterprises to take the culture carry forward, let the Chinese "home culture " has become a global market the most simple language, let everybody understand the language, we should be extremely hard and bitter practice, long business honed and down-to-earth to do.

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