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Tianrui adhere to honesty and trustworthiness, to prohibit any false, deceptive behavior.

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Tianrui adhere to honesty and trustworthiness, to prohibit any false, deceptive behavior.

American writer Dickens once said: " in all commercial transactions, credit first. " God helps those who help themselves, commercial return letter. Sincerity-oriented, both the moral requirements, but also the social legal system. Honest and trustworthy, is the basic requirements of the enterprise GMP, the basic principle is also every one of us. After all, any false there will always be the case is entirely cleared. When, we in good faith, is the starting point and the end-result of the survival and development of enterprises.

Snot to reduce processing costs, improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

From the source control, reduce the cost of drug production, the reasonable control of inventory to reduce procurement costs. As a quality professional production enterprises, should be to ensure the quality of products as the goal, improve the production process of quality of service, change the work flow, streamline work procedures, should consider " man-machine method ring " control, strengthen the training of operators; ensure the prevention maintenance, to ensure the good operation of equipment, reduce the cause equipment repair or replacement of frequency and delay the loss of production; reduce errors by verifying the detailed; improving the material supply chain, supplier evaluation, reduce the purchase cost, stable quality, mass production, reduce inspection; combination of quality risk management philosophy, using variance, change, CAPA, prevention of a series of measures, maintenance and eliminate errors, ensure the first pass rate. Control of production, working environment, ensuring employees a good working environment, prevent pollution, recovery of solvent, improve efficiency, reduce waste, distillation. To increase rate of transformation of circulation water, electricity, steam reforming, improve production efficiency, reduce production cost, consider the quality management and quality of service from all directions, to achieve unity of cost control and quality management.

Enterprises in compliance with regulatory requirements under the premise, more attention should be paid to the quality management work, although the need to put in more efforts, more investment and no direct returns, but the quality management to the enterprise is more viable system, more competitive group. The changes in quality management from control to service quality, can more effectively drive the staff to prevent risk, cost control can be implemented effectively.

Quality management and cost control is not a contradiction. Snot is in accord with the requirements of the GMP system, so that each production procedure, to try to change the process, make the quality management of enterprises to lower cost of operation, save each redundant operation, let each operation to consider lowering the cost of possible. Through the risk assessment to avoid accident error, produce greater cost.

The implementation of training a new version of the GMP specification is large scale, intended to higher on validation, error handling, change control, CAPA dynamic management requirements, to ensure the process of GMP system and the product of the enterprise is not out of line. Snot biological are trying to push the new requirements to the production, and strive to improve enterprise management, is committed to product " intensive and meticulous farming ", aims to reduce energy consumption and cost of products, dedicated to the production of beneficial to people's health, to ensure the quality of products. Snot will uphold the principles of honesty and trustworthiness, adhere to quality management improvement, seriously implement the new version of GMP, further control costs, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.


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