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Supreme leader

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Supreme leader

The leader with the main influence to play a role, the influence is the leader's authority. A leader, in order to realize effective leadership goals, not only will the use of power, but also has the prestige. Prestige is the leader appeared in the leadership activity in character, ability, knowledge, emotion and so on a non - power influence generated by the leaders. It is often the leader's authority as a " silent call, the silent order ".

As a leader you, once the authority set up, even if you are not in the company, your colleagues will spontaneously work earnestly; or as long as you open orders, not too much repetition, also need not say more, no need to get angry, the following people immediately ears, to do. So, the leaders how to establish his credibility?

To establish their prestige is a gradual process, those leaders to attract long-term follow subordinates there is definitely a great personal charm, but a charismatic leader is not so easy to do. So, a charismatic leader, prestige, should do the four stages of the practice.

The first stage, the first act, after the man. Only the first thing to do, in order that a person working in place, in order to reflect the people's character is very good. Also, do a good job, you are qualified to say others, supervise others.

The second stage, person, and things. Do a good job, then prove your ability, and will continue to do good. Do a good job, people also do a, the following people will think you are a good leader, is a compassionate subordinate people, a good leader is worth the fight with you.

The third stage, many people, little things. At this stage, you should behave, work less, because you should have more opportunities to subordinates, to those who believe the company vision people. You a lot of power, training, exercise often, let them grow together with the company, this is sure to attract a large number of people to follow you.

The fourth stage, only man, don't do things. By now, you just do it. Your colleagues developed, you only need to make good vision and planning, design good location and stage, there will be a lot of people to follow you, support you, struggle together with you, and even a lot of people don't feel as you do something, it will feel guilty. This is the highest realm of leaders, if you do, you are the most charismatic leader.

Successful first-class only do not work, the successful rate first people to do things, the first successful three flow after doing a.

What kind of leader is the best leader? " Super leader ". The so-called " super leader ", is your leadership to allow subordinates in the absence of when you are still working. The charismatic leadership cultivation of the fourth stage, you are " super leader ", you will reach the highest level leaders. The first three stages are laying the groundwork for the fourth stage, a world-class leader, is just not working, if take care of every single thing personally, problems will find leaders, subordinates the leader can not grow, but the leader itself becomes a " fire captain "!

Chairman Mao Zedong as leader of the founding of new China, has said that he only caught two things: one is an idea, with the cadre is two. In fact, this can also be used for enterprise leaders. Why? As a business leader will have only two things to do: one is to take the idea, two is good.

Leadership is the true meaning of life, not only to do things, so that we can create for their brilliant. In short, the leader is not the flag charge people, good leaders should remove obstacles, morale, let people to victory in the red flag on top. Please write down your feelings and you are about to put into practice the plan.

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