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Xi'an Tianrui Biological Technology Co., Ltd

Xi'an Tianrui Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is established in the pharmacy development, adjustment of industrial structure in Northwest China in the environment. Sinnott company is the collection scientific research, development, production, sales as one of the private enterprises. Headquarters is located in the ancient capital of thirteen dynasties of China Xi'an, and set up a professional R & D institutions in Beijing, Lanzhou, Gansu, the Ningxia six Panshan, Heilongjiang Greater Khingan Range and other regions to set up branch offices, marketing network covering the whole country, provinces, organized several medical beauty experts, professors, refer to the ancient, modern large external forensic case, collect analysis, using the theory of microcirculation and modern biological extraction processing technology, development of series of non-polluting natural, no pesticide residues of the medical care cosmetic raw materials available, for human health, health function food and beverage development to create a new situation! The company set up national microecological products R & D, testing, testing agencies in Lanzhou, with the international advanced level, the company mainly engaged in various types of microecological products of fermentation, freeze drying, extraction, technology research, such as processing, for the cause of human health to work together, to create tomorrow! The integration of China's plant extracts industry, to create a new health industry aircraft carrier. " We dedicated to science, devoted to health " we to human health has been appointed, to provide comprehensive services for patients and customers, carefully protect the health of the people. Operating purposes: to virtue Liye, benevolence is the open, self-improvement, pragmatic innovation, industry serve the country, the scientific development concept: in nature, dedicated to science, devoted to health, good faith in the market concept: people all take the market as the center, market services, urgent, urgent make place, market needs, for health to Sinnott mannered principles : " rain, don't run without roots of grass, road width, only through a few wrong people " business, is a sincere person, the word word to deed, tell the truth, do practical things, standard decision level, one product determines the Product trustworthy is the most effective investment life, faith is the most terrible life expenditure!

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