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Factory supply direclty 100% natural Wasabia Japonica Rhizome Powder

Release time:[2016-04-08]       Returns

Product name: Wasabia Japonica Rhizome Powder (AD)
Botanical Source: Wasabia Japonica
Plant part used: Rhizome
Description: Fine light yellow or yellow green powder
Particle size: 95% pass through 60 mesh
Aroma: Characteristic
Taste: Characteristic fresh hot taste of Wasabi
Loss on drying: NMT 5.00%
Arsenic: NMT 0.5 mg
Mercury: NMT 0.01 mg
Total bacterial count: NMT 100 cfu/g
E. Coli: NMT 30 MPN/g
Pathogenic bacteria: Negative
Spots: Very few yellow sports allowed; Micro scale of black sports allowed; Non-wasabia substances are not allowed

Technical support:DADE