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Peanut Powder Kinds of Dietary Nut Powder

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Peanut extract 
English name:Peanut Skin Extract 
Latin name :Arachis hypogaea plant 
Used Parts: peanut seed extract skin 
Active ingredient:proanthocyanidins 
Test methods and specifications: UV, 95% 
Appearance:red-brown fine powder


Peanut Skin Extract 95% 


natural red pigment, antioxidant, anti-cancer drug


1, strengthening the function of solid food, preservation, coloring. 
2, to enhance the function of the liquid food coloring. 
3, cosmetics. 
4, prevention of cardiovascular disease and other health care products and pharmaceuticals. 
5, the treatment of hemophilia and other diseases. 
6, anti-cancer drugs.




The strains extracted from the seed coat peanut varieties in particular, the main component of polyphenols proanthocyanidins. Used in food supplements, health foods and cosmetics.


We have the follow products as well


Juglans/walnut Powder 
Gray brown powder with rich juglans flavor. It is warm and sweet, good for stomach and lung. Rich in phospholipid
Chestnut Powder
Gray brown powder with its own flavor. Irch in protein, fat, B-Vitamins and other nutrients
Lotus Seed Powder
White powder made by lotus seed and spray drying. It is good for spleen stomach and eyes.
Longan Powder
Light brown powder with good flow-running property. It is good for heat, spleen and nervous system
Pine Nut Powder
Gray powder with its strong own flavor. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids including oleic acid, linoleic acid. And also contain calcium, phosphorus ion and other trace elements in it.
Peanut Powder
Yellow brown powder. It has function of enhancing memory, anti-aging, and slowing brain function decline. Besides it can help skin moistening and prevent diseases like atherosclerosis, ect.
Black Rice Powder
Purple powder. It is good for kidney, liver and eyes. It can be used to treat anemia, dizziness, poor vision, early white hair and to protect heart head blood-vessel, and to balance blood glucose
Small Red Bean Powder
Light brown to pale red brown powder, with its own smell and taste. Red bean has functions of heat-clearing and detoxifying. It is good for spleen and stomach
Green Bean Powder
Yellow to pale green powder with its own flavor and taste, with good flow-running property. It has the functions of resolving toxin with heat-clearing, and improving diuresis and eyesight.




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